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Watch the video and see it working...

How easy is it to use?

Step 1. Turn the computer on. (Will not work on Apple products.)

Step 2. Grab a coffee. (Give time for the computer to load.)

Step 3. Open Racing Profit Booster, and set the settings you want (30 seconds done.)

Step 4. Watch the results the software gives you, open your Betfair account.

Step 5. Open your bookie accounts, and start making profitable trades.

Step 6. Software updates every 60 seconds, and new trades will appear. NEW!!!

Step 7. Have a break, you need to get another coffee and food.. yes it can become addictive.

Step 8. Find time to spend the profits.

We are sure you can do that, easy uncomplicated, profitable.


Racing Profit Booster


£2,800 Profit in 10 days, using £50.00 back bets, and a laying trade covered by the back bet!

Daily Profit, on £50 back bets, with lay trade.

These bets can not lose* (except in a rare case)

And the Return on Investment.. Daily, nice 259% on one Bet.



We Bet you have all looked at Oddschecker
and Betfair, to find trades?

You know the method, has merit, however the Betfair figures on oddschecker are not updated quick enough and are not there when you try and bet.

Racing Profit Booster [RPB] makes it a breeze now to do exactly what you have been trying to achieve.

RPB, scans the Betfair markets, and the bookies on oddschecker, however it scans only the bookies you have accepted (ones you have accounts with.)

It also will only bring up trades that match the nominated lay prices you have set, plus the amount of liquidly, so you know that the price is indeed one you can use. No point in finding there is £5.00 available at the price.

If there is more than one bookie with a back price higher than the Betfair lay price it will tell you which bookies they are.

You can also tweek the amounts to get the size of the trade you want to make.

It is dead easy to use, and just in testing, we have found it is addictive, and a hell of a lot better that TV.

When can I use the software?

You can use it from around 10.00am UK time, once the bookies start posting there prices, up until then it is pointless running the software. As there is no prices to compare to the Betfair prices.

Yes you can start before racing starts, infact many of the good trades are found early before racing starts, and remember there is night racing you can use it also.

Yes, you can use it on Irish racing if you chose to. Don't under estimate the ways you can use the software.

What sort of Bets does the software [RPB] come up with?

You can chose between three options:

1. Equal Hedge Bet; this is a straight trade, regardless of where the horse finishes you will make a profit (yes that is nice :-).)

2. Free Lay Bet on Betfair; this option as the name suggests you get a free lay bet, if the horse wins the race, you get your money back. If the horse loses the race, you win the money :-).)

3. Free Back Bet on Bookie; the oppose to the above option. If the horse loses the race you get your money back (no profit), however if the horse wins, you win the bet, happy days :-).)

Which bookies are covered by the software?

This is governed by which ones oddschecker is using, as we release the software, these are the ones that are covered.

The good thing as we said above, you can unselect the bookies you either don't have accounts with, or you may prefer not to deal with.

So, on release there are 16 bookies, and Betfair. No we don't have any others at present and no Betdaq, these maybe added later.

OK, how much is it, expensive?

No, it is very affordable, we are really looking at getting this great tool into the hands of as many people as we can, so that you can have it.

If you opted for the 12 month option, it is only 35 pence a day (£129.97) for the full 12 months.

Yes it works just like it does in the video, very easy to set up.

Do you show me how to use it?

Yes, there is a tutorial video showing you how to set up the software. Plus you have already seen it in the video above, so if you have the bookie accounts and Betfair, you can start using it within minutes of download and install.

Providing it is after 10.00am UK time and racing is happening.




What is the Feedback?

John made £132.00 in a few hours, Risk FREE.

The Monthly option is now not available.

John emailed back 4 days later, and another £441.00 Richer!

And what about this one....







Michael, has put together this 10 page pdf, on how to preserve your bookie account's.

Yes, bookies hate you if you win too much of them, you get a letter saying, Dear Mr ............... we have made a commercial decision and are closing your account.

Can you believe it?

For years you have lost money and deposited more... finally you start to win, and they don't like it!

"We are annoyed when people email us saying, "But if I win, I will get my bookie account closed".

Hello!!! You want to keep your account open, so you can make donations to the bookie?

Is it not better to make money out of the bookies, and manage your account, to minimize the risk of restriction or closure?

Michael's book is free when you purchase "Racing Profit Booster".



Some Standard Questions you may have before you do this purchase:-

  • What is recommended Bank size for Racing Profit Booster?

We recommend minimum of £500 in Betfair and £ 200-300 across 2-3 good bookies i.e. Stan James, Bet 365, William Hill etc. Obviously, more the bank, more the profit you can expect.

  • What profit should I expect each week from Racing Profit Booster?

On recommended bank as mentioned above in question 1, you should expect at least £ 80- £100 per week . ( We are very conservative here)

  • Is it completely risk free ?

Yes, it is completely risk free. Your overall bank ( Betfair & Bookies combined) will move ONLY in one direction which is upwards.

  • Will I be able to get all trades highlighted by Racing Profit Booster?

To be honest, Answer is NO. Market is always efficient, so if you are slow, somebody else will get that trade. So, please don’t expect to get all trades.  As your bank will also be limited, so decide yourself where you want to get in & where not.

  • Will I have support if Racing Profit Booster is down?

Our uptime is around 99% since launch, so don’t expect too much downtime.  However, you can always email Michael if you face any issues. ( email id mentioned in manual)

  • Will Bookies block my account if I win too much?

As we all know, bookies don’t like winning punters. We have put together a manual on “ How to avoid Bookie restrictions” which you will get free along with purchase.

  • Will you ever limit sales for Racing Profit Booster to protect prices?

Yes, very much. We reserve the right to withdraw it from sale at any time.

  • Do you have some way to detect when we have new selections as I can’t watch screen all the time?

Yes, we have embedded volume detection feature. So, if you have new selection, you will hear a beep to notify you that there is new selection now.

  • Which is best mode to run – Single race, Auto scan or Manual scan

Auto Scan

  • Will I be able to bet on Bet on Betfair and Bookie from RPB itself.

RPB will take you to Betfair and Bookie website and but then you have to find respective selection on your own.






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Steve Davidson


If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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